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Affordable, professional training gear designed to elevate your performance and help prevent injuries.


Founded by physical fitness enthusiasts, VILUXE is a sports brand that provides advanced training equipment to help athletes reach their optimal performance level and elevate their physicality.

We exist to create best value sports training equipment which enhances performance, enabling athletes to be more explosive, powerful and protected during both training and competition.

Our mission is to help athletes all over the world on understanding the importance of body conditioning.

VILUXE Founders are committed and focused on building a community led brand, where a percentage of every sale is donated to UK based organisations who are providing a platform for more inclusive sports across the grassroots landscape.  

We also develop mutually ethical partnerships and provide opportunities to those who are looking to progress and develop new skills in the sports and business industries. 

Be part of our community today. 




Our equipment is suited to all players who are looking to gain a competitive edge over their competition. This can range from Professional Football Players, through to Grass Roots Football Players.

Until now, over 10,000 players have used our training gear and are enhancing their performance.

We understand that using advanced football training equipment is not easy.

What we have done is put together a range of short videos, on our Social Media platforms, which provide specific exercises and drills for you to execute using our equipment.

Just follow us @viluxesports for weekly training videos.

Our training equipment is suitable for all athletes no matter the sport.

We have players from Football, Rugby, Boxing, Golf and many more who use our equipment.

All our training equipment has been rigorously tested in all conditions and we 100% guarantee they will last & never let you down.

We are delighted to now be offering VILUXE Wholesale.

This is suitable for anyone looking for more competitive opportunity to enhance their team or business.

Email salesdesk@viluxesports.com for more information.

All our orders are shipped within 24 hours from when an order has been placed and are delivered by our official partner couriers.


- Express Tracked Delivery (1-2 Working Days)

- Standard Tracked Delivery (2-5 Working Days)

- Next Day Delivery Available.


- Standard or Tracked Delivery Available (4-10 Working Days)

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