How To Be The Perfect Team Player

Perfect Team Player

Football is a team sport – and no one footballer can win a match on their own. Therefore, it is vital that a team is well-oiled, communicates clearly and works together in the most efficient way possible when aiming for success. There are many qualities that make the perfect teammate, some of which come naturally, and some of which have to be developed and worked on. Below are a few of our favourites.

You Need to Communicate with Your Teammates

First up on our list, one of the most important qualities of any teammate is communication. Communication between football players is essential so that they understand who to pass to, messages from the coach on the sidelines, and instructions from the team captain. As mentioned above, football is a team game and your team can’t work best unless you talk to each other. 

But it is not only communication itself that is important, but the way that messages are communicated that is important. Praise and encouragement for your other team members will always be noticed and appreciated. Additionally, if you have constructive criticism for someone else in your team it is important to deliver this in the correct manner – supportively rather than negatively. Remember, you are all on the same side here.

You Need to Work Hard

Nobody likes a person that doesn’t pull their weight – whether this is in the workplace or in a football team. Everyone on the pitch should be giving 100% to the game, focusing on their tactics and pushing themselves to the limit. Even if you end up losing the match, your team will appreciate that you tried your best and will have respect for you. Additionally, always trying your best is a great way to motivate other players in your team who may be stuck in a bit of a rut – meaning that they up their own effort levels.

You Need to Have a Positive Mental Attitude

Positive vibes spread quickly, so the better the mood of the players, the greater the vibe and mood will be throughout the entire team. Your upbeat outlook may be motivating and uplift the emotions of others around you while the team is going through a hard patch. It is important not to undermine team morale with your personal negativity. So, whether you are injured, not being played or have had a bad day aside from the football pitch, leave that energy at the door before you join your team.

You Need to Take Accountability for Your Actions

And finally, last but certainly not least on our list is accountability. In order for the team around you to respect you and trust your judgement, it is important to own up if you were wrong and admit your mistakes. If you make a bad pass, apologise and move on. Being part of a team means that you need to recognise where you let others down. Everyone on your team will make the wrong decision at times on the pitch, but owning up to it and not blaming other players or external factors for this will gain the respect of everyone around you. Once you admit that something went wrong, you and your team can work together to ensure that the same mistake doesn’t happen again.